About Us

RewardsNGTM is a registered trademark of NG-Micro Distributors Limited. At RewardsNG, we are a community of people looking after each other. Our company is an ecommerce online marketplace created to reward and empower people, thereby adding value to the everyday consumer-supplier experience of buying and selling

Through our iBuy, iSell, iRefer and iEmpower program, we have created multiple rewards and empowerment opportunities for different categories of people. At RewardsNG:

You buy, you make money;

You sell, you make more money;

You refer us, you make even more money.


As a global ICT-based, sales and distribution company. We are opened to strategic partnership with reputable and reliable companies involved in retail chains/distribution, ICT, renewable energy/solar, logistics, hospitality, gaming etc. We are also opened to franchising as we offer professional advisory and consultancy services in several areas of everyday human needs and interest.

Our company was incorporated in March, 2016 with a local understanding of the Nigerian market and a broad global focus. We have our head office in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria.


To help our partners understand our business and how best to maximise available opportunities on RewardsNG, we have also created a knowledge enhancement support tool called RewardsNG Business School (RBS).  This is where we intend to constantly interact with our valuable partners with the sole aim of trying to improve their attitude, skillset and capacity for entrepreneurship and personal success – as a community of people looking after each other.


We invite you to be part of our opportunity, so as to be part of this wonderful experience as a key stakeholder.


Thank you.